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Casa De California is a unique custom homebuilder dedicated specifically to the design and construction of Old-world, Mission Style and Tuscan Style Homes catering specifically for those that appreciate the craftsmanship and rustic quality indicative of this style. We are committed to the authentic composition and character of the style in all aspects of design, architecture, old-world handcrafting techniques, details, specifications and materials.

Each of the homes that we design and build is based upon the lifestyle and needs of our individual clients. Once we have defined need, we will design your dream home and then apply the architectural details, construction specifications, material specifications, interior design and even furnishings to achieve another Casa De California old-world original home. Handcrafted materials and skilled labor does not necessarily mean a dramatically higher priced home. Imported, authentic materials, products and furnishings can be less expensive and in most cases superior in quality to those of traditional domestic sources while creating the look and feel of a 100 year old mission style home. Lighting fixtures, tile, stonework and even furniture are imported from Central Mexico assuring the authentic character of a Casa de California home. Solid, distressed plank and parquet flooring, hand applied wall texturing, solid custom crafted and distressed doors and cabinetry and extra thick walls to simulate the old-world look and feel are but a few of the features that you will find in our homes.

We have put custom back into custom homes.

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