Take out a fixed income car loan.

A lack of a fixed income does not have to mean unemployment. Rather, it is the self-employed and freelancers who generally cannot prove a fixed income because experience has shown that sales fluctuate. Nevertheless, it is more difficult for this professional group to obtain a car loan without a fixed income. But there are ways.

Which loans are eligible?

Which loans are eligible?

If you want to apply for a car loan without a fixed income, you shouldn’t necessarily rely on your house bank. The risk of failure is usually too great for them. Instead, there are financial service providers who can also arrange a loan in such cases. At least an inquiry with such would be worth the time.

Such a loan can actually come about if the applicant takes out life insurance to cover it. Another option is to present a guarantor as security for the bank. However, he is obliged to step in financially if the borrower can no longer pay his installments.

Car loan with no fixed income from private

Car loan with no fixed income from private

It is becoming increasingly fashionable not to go to a bank for a loan, but to go to the relevant Internet portals, where private individuals offer a loan to others. These platforms are called Spin Lender and Across Lender. The pioneer of this new money lending system was Spin Lender. In the meantime, this model has become established and many loans have already been obtained in this way.

First, the loan seeker has to register on the portal and communicate his or her loan request to the lenders. The loan seeker determines the interest rate himself and not just any bank. If the lenders agree with the interest rate and there are no other concerns, the wish for a car loan without a fixed income could actually be met.



However, the creditworthiness is also checked here. Nobody lends money without first checking what the applicant’s financial situation looks like. If there were already problems with banks with the loan repayment, this is noted in the Credit Bureau. It is now up to the individual lenders whether they still grant a loan or not. The rules for lending are not as strict with these platforms as with the banks, but here, too, nobody wants to lose their money.

Vocational Training Loan – What is it?

Continuing vocational training includes all measures that an employee can use to expand his or her knowledge. This includes in-house training measures as well as self-taught learning. Significant costs arise for employees mostly in the course of further training and retraining as particularly time-intensive forms of further vocational training, while in-house training measures are regularly financed by the company. Borrowing for self-financed professional development makes sense, since the knowledge gained increases future income. In certain cases, subsidized loans for continuing vocational training are available.

The main reasons for subsidized loans

The main reasons for subsidized loans

The best-known subsidized loan for continuing vocational training is the Meister-BAföG, which is a combination of a grant and a loan. Not only journeyman in skilled trades are eligible, but also members of selected other professional fields such as educators and geriatric nurses. Anyone who cannot get by with the state payments from the german state funding can apply for another low-cost promotional loan through nice bank. Some other banks offer loans similar to these.

The advantage of loans for advanced training is that the borrower only begins repaying after completing further vocational training. Upon request from the job center, unemployed persons can obtain a loan for further vocational training in the form of retraining or a subsidy for the costs incurred if the measure for reintegration into work is required and the financial resources provided by the employment agency have not yet been used up. No borrowing is required after accidents at work, since statutory accident insurance bears the costs of retraining measures that become necessary as a result.

Borrowing for training at a commercial bank

Borrowing for training at a commercial bank

A promotional loan as a loan for continuing vocational training can in principle also be taken out for completing an best bank at nice bank, but in this case age limits and further requirements apply to the type of course. Since the corresponding conditions are not fully met by many employees, they apply for a loan for further training at a commercial bank and pay attention to an inexpensive borrowing rate.

It is imperative to compare several offers before concluding the loan agreement for continuing vocational training so that the employee does not have to bear unnecessarily high costs. It is also a good idea to ask the employer for financial support or a loan for continuing vocational training. Prerequisite for the granting of loans or partial payment of the training costs by the employer is the obligation of the employee not to change employers for a reasonable period of time.

In the case of a bank loan for continuing vocational training, the borrower pays attention to a low repayment rate, since during the further training phase he or she does not achieve a earned income or, in the case of distance learning courses with reduced working hours, a lower earned income. The conclusion of a consumer credit contract stating the previous income in the loan application is incorrect, since the employee willing to be educated knows about the reduction of his earnings in the course of the educational measure.

Take out a loan despite existing credits.

If a loan is taken out despite existing loans,

If a loan is taken out despite existing loans,

It can serve two different purposes. On the one hand, the new loan can be used to completely replace the existing loans, on the other hand, the loan can also be used for separate financing. In any case, taking out several loans is not always easy, because the creditworthiness of the borrower is already significantly affected by the existing loans.

Ultimately, only your own income can ultimately be used for repayment, which is why several loans could exceed the monthly budget for potential repayments. This is not the case if the new loan is actually used to reschedule the existing loan. These loans are then paid off in their entirety directly from the newly acquired loan amount, which ultimately does not increase the monthly charge, but often even reduces it.

A debt rescheduling only makes sense if the interest burden on the new loan is set lower than on the existing loans. The loan despite existing loans should then actually be clearly defined as a debt rescheduling loan.

In addition to a reduced interest burden, debt restructuring can also make sense because the monthly installments can be readjusted over the term. With a long term, the monthly rates decrease, while with a short term they increase.

Creditworthiness is decisive for several loans

Creditworthiness is decisive for several loans

Nevertheless, despite existing loans, a loan is always significantly linked to the borrower’s income. Of course, the Credit Bureau entry also plays a role, but this rather plays a subordinate role, since ultimately it is only a question of whether the borrower can actually cope with the additional monthly burden of his income. Therefore, even with an average income, the bank may want to use a guarantor for the new loan.

This person is then liable for the debt of the borrower with all of their assets and income. Taking out a loan despite existing loans is by no means a rarity in the German economy, because between two and four loans often run in the background for people. This can include the mortgage for the home, but also a leasing model for your own car.

All of these financings are classified as loans, even if the individual modalities differ from one another. If, in addition to these two examples, a further installment loan for liquid funds is taken out, this is also not an unusual circumstance from the bank’s point of view.

Nevertheless, as a lender, the bank must of course secure its investment, which is why a loan can only be pledged if the borrower’s income and thus the creditworthiness is also considered sufficient. The loan, in spite of existing loans, should in any case only be taken out after a preliminary comparison in order to make the financing as cheap as possible.

Home loan with 15,000 dollars of contribution


Having a financial contribution, when you want to take out a mortgage, can tip the balance favorably. Is this the only criterion taken into account by the banking establishment?

Is a contribution a positive element in the context of a mortgage?

Is a contribution a positive element in the context of a mortgage?

Each property; even if it is obsolete, often requires going through a loan. This loan can only be granted by a bank, since the legislation relating to mortgage loans is not the same as for consumer loans.

A bank, to give a positive answer, will ensure that the subscriber will be able to repay his loan, whatever the amount and whatever the duration. 15,000 dollars represents a significant sum for many people, but this contribution is only important given the total cost of the loan.

One can however consider that a financial contribution on the part of the potential subscriber can only be well seen by the bank. This proves his ability to save, for a defined project.

What will the bank look at to grant a mortgage?

What will the bank look at to grant a mortgage?

If the contribution is a first point that the bank will take into consideration, it will especially focus on looking at the finances of the person. She must study the income and withdraw the charges. If the person has other outstanding loans, this has an impact on the borrowing capacity.

The fact of calculating the remainder to live, according to the family composition, makes it possible to establish the debt ratio. The latter must not exceed 33%, when all current credits (if they exist) are paid.

If the income is regular and the cartoons do not exceed them, the banker will be reassured about the creditworthiness of the applicant and his request will be more likely to succeed.

Having a positive response is not a victory in itself. Why are you sure that this bank offers you the most advantageous loan proposal?

What does the job of mortgage broker consist of?

What does the job of mortgage broker consist of?

A mortgage broker is a professional who is responsible for finding the best mortgage offer for clients who mandate him for this purpose.

It is possible to use an online comparator. But then you have to study each offer. Rates, borrower insurance, repayment duration, possible age of the applicant. All these criteria are essential. Why not delegate this task to the broker?

When he studies your needs, he will know exactly, by virtue of your situation, whether your project is likely to succeed and with which bank.

He can help you establish a coherent financial package for your purchasing project. Accustomed to this type of records, he will be able to see with you all the compulsory annexed documents and verify that each field is correctly completed. Getting the services of a broker means saving time and money, because it is important to find the best proposal for your mortgage.

Instant loan are very popular today

Numerous banks and credit institutions have geared themselves to the new requirement profile of many consumers and today offer quickly available loans with low interest rates and a flexible overall concept. Today, more and more borrowers are placing greater emphasis on quickly available loan offers that are easy to apply for and that are freely available within a few working days.

Loans with instant approval

Loans with instant approval

For this reason, loans with instant approval or also called instant loans are very popular today. A credit with an instant commitment is now offered by virtually all online banks on the Internet. The online loan offers can convince in most cases with very low interest rates, which can be attributed not least to the lack of a branch network and high personnel costs. An instant loan should never be taken out without prior comparison. The numerous loan offers on the market have made a decisive contribution to making comparison significantly more difficult today. Borrowers who want to save a lot of money in the long term should therefore not do without the online loan comparison.

This should be borne in mind when making a comparison

This should be borne in mind when making a comparison

When comparing several loan offers, borrowers who primarily want to save money permanently should pay attention to the interest rate. Basically, it is necessary to differentiate between target and effective interest rates. While the borrowing rate is only of limited significance, the effective rate offers the possibility to precisely define the total loan costs in advance. The effective interest rate is actually variable for all loan offers today, so that the borrower has the opportunity to influence the effective interest rate.

A low effective interest rate

A low effective interest rate

Borrowers who want to benefit permanently from a low effective interest rate should definitely have a high monthly income. A positive credit checker information can have a decisive influence on the total loan costs. Borrowers who can only boast a low income do not have to “bury their heads in the sand” and they also have the option of using a low effective interest rate. Through the targeted selection of a short term and a low loan amount, there is a chance for the borrower to have a positive influence on the effective interest rate.

An advantage that exists with all instant-approval loans is that the borrower can benefit from a quick and easy application. After filling out an application form, the bank carries out the credit check. If the credit check is positive, the immediate approval of the loan is given. Subsequently, the credit agreement can already be downloaded, printed out and filled out. With the receipt of the credit contract at the bank and the subsequent control of the information, the payment of the loan is initiated.

Loan despite credit checker comparison

Many do not see any differences in credit despite credit checker, and it is interesting to compare them in order to secure the right loan offer with negative credit checker. Choosing the right loan saves time and money. Despite credit checker, the loan is compared to the loan without credit checker.

Credit despite credit checker a comparison of the possibilities

Credit despite credit checker a comparison of the possibilities

A negative credit checker entry changes life. The house bank suddenly stops granting credit. Access to modern means of payment can only be achieved by laborious means. A prepaid credit card and the prepaid mobile phone are always completely useless when the credit is exhausted. Cost control is good, but many cheap offers are simply not perceptible “prepaid”. Similar to how a real credit card can be applied for despite a bad credit checker, the installment loans differ despite credit checker.

Not every negative credit checker entry weighs the same weight. It is therefore worth comparing the options for a loan despite credit checker. In principle, two credit channels can be taken despite credit checker. A domestic loan would be conceivable, provided the entry is marked as completed or a foreign loan. In the case of domestic loan offers, credit checker still plays a role in the loan decision; it can be excluded entirely through the foreign loan.

A not inconsiderable number of different domestic banks offer the loan despite credit checker. Only credit banks for short-term financing and credit intermediaries advertise this credit option. For an installment loan from Germany, on a larger scale, the help of an established credit broker is advisable. Only credit intermediaries, like Fine Bank, who have been in business for a long time, know all the options. For the foreign loan, however, the agency commission can be safely saved. As far as is known, only a foreign bank is allowed to grant loans to Germans without credit checker.

Comparison begins with the foreign loan

Comparison begins with the foreign loan

Credit despite credit checker, the comparison begins with the foreign loan without credit checker.The Sigma credit bank from Liechtenstein was only newly founded in 2010. The foundation was the result of a ruling by the Federal Administrative Court, which in 2009 had practically swept all loan offers without credit checker off the market. credit checker plays no role in the credit outlook. It is neither queried nor is an approved loan reported to credit checker as long as it is properly repaid. The first restriction in respect of reputable loan offers with credit checker waiver is the choice of the loan amount.

Without credit checker, you can only apply for the standard credit in the amount of 3,500 USD or the more exclusive variant with 5,000 USD. No flexibility can be expected in the choice of term either. The term is always 42 months. Repayment always begins with a break in payment until the month after next after credit approval. The agreed loan amount is then repaid in 40 equal monthly installments. The APR for the standard loan is 11.62 percent. For the more exclusive variant 11.61 percent.

The word “exclusive” refers to the net income to be demonstrated. It must exceed the garnishment limit by 550 USD (net). With the standard credit, in the amount of 3,500 USD, proof of at least 80 USD in additional income goes beyond the individual’s non-attachability. In addition, not everyone is qualified to receive a credit checker-free loan. The qualification basis provides employment that is subject to social security contributions, which is unlimited – without notice and has existed for at least 12 months. There must be no garnishment of wages, the public debt register must be free of entries.

Credit despite credit checker from Germany

Credit despite credit checker from Germany

Despite credit checker, a loan offers clear differences in the comparison of possible loan providers from Germany. Despite credit checker, with the help of a credit intermediary, the loan could come from a credit bank or from a private person. One of the frequently recommended credit banks is that of Agree Bank. A loan despite credit checker is not advertised on the homepage, but is quite common after an individual check.

The offer is the extra credit. The maximum possible loan amount can be up to 50,000 USD. The terms can also be selected very flexibly. Up to 120 months are possible. The effective annual interest rates are similar to those for foreign loans. At 11.95 percent, they reach the level of an average overdraft facility. A private loan despite credit checker is often cheaper in comparison.

Despite credit checker, loans from private donors via best bank or Trucredit are realistic for a medium credit checker score. The possible loan amounts and terms are comparable to the extra loan. In spite of credit checker, a private loan can be cheaper compared to the additional interest paid. The bidding process does not rule out single-digit effective interest rate

Credit with part-time job can be approved or not

A credit with a part-time job can be granted more easily than most people imagine. Of course, the level of income plays a central role in determining which credit opportunities can be used. The article provides more information on credit options with a part-time job.

Credit with part-time job – sound out credit opportunities

Credit with part-time job - sound out credit opportunities

Doing a part-time job does not necessarily mean earning badly. A good income can come from the combination of a full-time job and a part-time job. Another way of earning a high income part-time is through a good qualification. Specialists in a subject area often earn more from giving a lecture each month than a skilled worker in a full-time job.

A look at the amount of income therefore decides which loan can be chosen with a part-time job. If the income is above the seizure allowance, then all credit options are open. Online financing, as compiled in the associated loan comparison, is particularly low-interest. These offers can also be used with an income that is significantly below the seizure allowance. With the help of a guarantor or co-applicant, the credit gap due to insufficient income is closed.

Part-time job with small income – credit options

Part-time job with small income - credit options

If the income from the sideline is very low, the credit options are limited. For example, if “only” a 450 USD job is carried out, a guarantor or co-applicant is not an option, an overdraft facility is still possible. Almost every credit institution grants its loyal customers the overdraft facility based on trust. There are, of course, differences in the amount of the possible discount frame. An average monthly income as an overdraft is realistic.

If a regular income of around 600 USD is achieved in the part-time job, a credit card with fair conditions can be applied for. Every “real” credit card is equipped with a credit limit. The card can be used for direct payment at the cash register or at the ATM. If the credit card bill is not to be deducted from the current account in full, partial payment can be agreed.

Tip: There are such real credit cards even below the 600 USD income mentioned. They are offered by credit intermediaries. Unfortunately, these cards are associated with very high fees and interest. Applying for such a card with a very low income is at least not recommended.

Installment loan despite part-time job – without guarantors

Installment loan despite part-time job - without guarantors

As an installment loan, credit with a part-time job, even without a guarantor, is often possible with large department store groups. Mail order and department store loans are granted with the aim of promoting sales. The credit requirements are therefore kept at the lowest possible level in order to enable many customers to make purchases. Not infrequently, therefore, only a working income and the clean Credit bureau for lending are required. The amount of the expected income only has to enable repayment. Purchasing goods and income should therefore be in a balanced relationship.

Another source of money for an installment loan can be accessed via one of the portals for private lending. Private lenders appreciate frank words and unequivocal evidence of how the loan can be repaid. In the bidding process, investors decide whether a loan with a part-time job can be approved or not.

Installment the active debt, is it worth it?

Active debt is one of the most dangerous ways to owe money and paying it off quickly is essential for anyone. Find out here if this type of debt is worth repaying and how you can get money to repay it once and for all.

Owing money to someone or the bank, for example, is no longer easy and generates a lot of headache for those in debt. Now, have you thought of duty to the government? This type of debt – known as active debt – can have worse consequences than paying credit card interest and can disrupt (and much!) Your financial life.

Knowing what this debt is, finding out quickly if you have any, and being able to repay it as soon as possible can make all the difference in not causing even greater damage to your budget.


What is active debt?

What is active debt?

Active debt is when a person has debts to the Public Treasury, at the Municipal, State or Federal levels. A late payment of IPTU or IPVA, for example, can put you pending with the Government and your name is on a sort of “list” of people who have active debts.

Once you have entered this list, there are some forms of collection adopted by the Government: currently, we have a lawsuit called foreclosure, which may lead to the attachment of money and assets. Another form of collection made by the Government and authorized by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) is the protest in notary’s offices and the inclusion of the name in the delinquent register , which can make it difficult for people to access bank loans and credit applications.

To sum up, we can say that active debt is the record of bad payers to the public coffers and this number grows every year. According to data released by the Attorney General’s Office of the National Treasury in March 2019 , the number of debtors of the Union reached 4.6 million, which involves a debt of $2.2 trillion, being considered unrecoverable 44.8% of debts.


Active Debt Installment

All active debt has monetary restatement, ie it is adjusted monthly by the SELIC Rate , which makes your debt even higher each month. Also, in this kind of pending, people suffer with interest, late payment, other charges provided for by law or contract and the legal costs and attorneys’ fees also fall on the debtor.

To make it easier to receive money, every year the Union, the states and the municipalities run active debt installment programs , so people can repay their debts and the government recovers a percentage of the money from debts that perhaps would not be regularized anytime soon.

But you may be wondering: is it worth repaying an active debt?

The answer is yes! Taking advantage of incentive programs, for example, you get cash or installment discounts and interest and penalty rebates can reach 90%. The big problem with joining the programs is that the payment period is usually short. So if you do not have the money, a tip is to opt for a secured loan – such as Astro Finance, for example – that has low rates and a longer term to repay the debt with the financial institution.


Who can request the installment?

Who can request the installment?

Anyone who is in debt to the Government can apply for the active debt installment as long as the agencies are willing to negotiate with the open installment programs. Always be aware of the edicts, as there are several advantages for those who can negotiate in the administrative phase.

Remember that before making any decision, it is very important that you evaluate your finances and make sure that you will be able to make payments on a regular basis. We have a financial education checklist that can help you put it all at the tip of your pencil and create good habits for taking care of your money.


Step by step to installment the active debt

debt payment

So if you want to repay your active debt, we will help you with this process:

Discover Your Active Debt

Discover Your Active Debt

First, it is important to know if you really have an active debt and to which body you are in debt. To check if you have an Active Debt with the Union – ie the Federal Government – just issue an Active Debt Debt Certificate . If the certificate does not come out, it means that there are outstanding debts and it will be necessary to go to the IRS to check what it is and regularize.

To find out if you have a debt with your state, simply click on the name of your state. Let’s direct you to the link needed to make the query:


  • Alagoas
  • Bahia
  • Ceara
  • Maranhão
  • Paraíba
  • Pernambuco
  • Piaui
  • large northern river
  • Sergipe


  • Acre
  • Amapá
  • Amazonas
  • For
  • Rondonia
  • Roraima
  • Tocantins


  • Federal District
  • Goiás
  • Mato Grosso
  • Mato Grosso do Sul


  • Holy Spirit
  • Minas Gerais
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Sao Paulo


  • Paraná
  • Rio Grande do Sul
  • Santa Catarina

If your case is an active debt by municipality, you should consult directly with the City General Prosecutor’s Office or the City Hall.


Make the negotiation

debt loan

When discovering an active debt, there are two avenues for repayment: the first is to wait for a debt negotiation program and the second is to try to make the payment soon after discovery if you want to repay the debt at once. Whatever you choose, in both cases, it is worthwhile to seek negotiations and, above all, to make payment in a way that fits in your pocket.

You can choose to get a Astro Finance secured loan , for example, which you can borrow more than you need to pay off your debt and even make investments in your dreams. Trading expensive debt for cheaper debt can be a great strategy to protect your finances!

Getting out of debt with government agencies should be a priority for those with an active debt, as interest rates are so high and the financial implications can be very costly if the process extends too long and reaches the legal sphere. Seek to resolve this situation as soon as possible and escape further damage to your budget!