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Having a financial contribution, when you want to take out a mortgage, can tip the balance favorably. Is this the only criterion taken into account by the banking establishment?

Is a contribution a positive element in the context of a mortgage?

Is a contribution a positive element in the context of a mortgage?

Each property; even if it is obsolete, often requires going through a loan. This loan can only be granted by a bank, since the legislation relating to mortgage loans is not the same as for consumer loans.

A bank, to give a positive answer, will ensure that the subscriber will be able to repay his loan, whatever the amount and whatever the duration. 15,000 dollars represents a significant sum for many people, but this contribution is only important given the total cost of the loan.

One can however consider that a financial contribution on the part of the potential subscriber can only be well seen by the bank. This proves his ability to save, for a defined project.

What will the bank look at to grant a mortgage?

What will the bank look at to grant a mortgage?

If the contribution is a first point that the bank will take into consideration, it will especially focus on looking at the finances of the person. She must study the income and withdraw the charges. If the person has other outstanding loans, this has an impact on the borrowing capacity.

The fact of calculating the remainder to live, according to the family composition, makes it possible to establish the debt ratio. The latter must not exceed 33%, when all current credits (if they exist) are paid.

If the income is regular and the cartoons do not exceed them, the banker will be reassured about the creditworthiness of the applicant and his request will be more likely to succeed.

Having a positive response is not a victory in itself. Why are you sure that this bank offers you the most advantageous loan proposal?

What does the job of mortgage broker consist of?

What does the job of mortgage broker consist of?

A mortgage broker is a professional who is responsible for finding the best mortgage offer for clients who mandate him for this purpose.

It is possible to use an online comparator. But then you have to study each offer. Rates, borrower insurance, repayment duration, possible age of the applicant. All these criteria are essential. Why not delegate this task to the broker?

When he studies your needs, he will know exactly, by virtue of your situation, whether your project is likely to succeed and with which bank.

He can help you establish a coherent financial package for your purchasing project. Accustomed to this type of records, he will be able to see with you all the compulsory annexed documents and verify that each field is correctly completed. Getting the services of a broker means saving time and money, because it is important to find the best proposal for your mortgage.

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